Interested in Becoming a Vendor?

Interested in Becoming a Vendor?

Learn more about selling at Mississippi Marketplace

If you're interested in starting your own business, you should consider becoming a vendor at Mississippi Marketplace. We rent out booths for people who sell antiques, collectibles and handcrafted goods. If you've got something valuable to offer customers, you need to get it in front of them-and Mississippi Marketplace is the perfect place to do this!

Our store draws tons of daily visitors, and we're popular with tourists. Reach out today to learn how you can become one of our valuable vendors.

Top 3 reasons to become a vendor

When you rent space in our antique store, you'll receive many valuable benefits. You should work with us if you want to:

  1. Help get your business off the ground
  2. Showcase your goods to interested customers
  3. Discover which items sell the best

Whatever your personal business goals, we'll help you realize them at Mississippi Marketplace. Call today to learn more.